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Franky Rambone Vass - Author of 'Finding The Spider'



"We have never met Franky but are pleased to publish his unique insights. Franky only communicates with us via email and is never available for author visits, though occasionally he will host online QA's.He chooses to remain in the shadows." He sent is this interesting BIO, though it is all totally unverified.  Franky ,tells us that he is , 'on the run & in hiding,' though  refuses to tell us form who and why."

Although the cause of death was reported as accident - slipped, whilst pretending to slip, Frank, a 59-year-old researcher into 'Fake News & Conspiracy Theory From a Biblical Perspective,' is convinced that his father, Julian Vivyan Vass, was murdered.

He is a British Christian who defines himself as fully human. He finished school and then left academia forever. 

He is allergic to walnut dressing, pizza & hot-dogs and hates selfie-sticks with a passion.

Physically, Frank is not in great shape. After an operation to remove an implant from his abdomen in 1984, his abs have never recovered. He needs to lose quite a lot of weight. 

He is short with light skin, black hair and blue eyes. His blood group is NOT RH-.

He grew up in a middle class neighborhood. His mother left when he was young, leaving him with his father, who was a fanatical conspiracy theorist. Julian was murdered in July 1990. Franky still feels the loss.

He is currently married though refuses to divulge his wife's name and location, save that she is  is 6 years older than him and works as a scientist.

Frank has one child with late wife Tamika: Gil aged 17.  Tamika was poisoned while eating a Big Mac in Salisbury.

Frank's best friend is a personal trainer and former MI6-Master At Arms, called called Evelin Hancock. They get on well.... most of the time. He also hangs around with Nelson Harper and Sloan Jennings. The three of them enjoy spreading even faker news on Facebook together.


Q- Do you really keep a Chicken?

A - Yes, but not a handbag chicken. The 'Conjecture Chicken' lives in my study.

just what kind of creature is the conjecture chicken?



Now then, if supposition is a belief or an idea which is proposed without any proof, knowledge, or indication, then I am not promoting supposition. 

However, if assumption is a thing that is believed to be possible and even probable, even without conclusive proof, then I may be into Biblical assumptions. 

Even so, the challenge with assumptions, especially Biblical ones, is that in being telescopic, they begin stretching into untethered areas of outlandish conjecture, that is, into the forming of directions and conclusions based on incomplete information. When this happens you are in danger of building beyond any firm Biblical foundation. 

Nevertheless, I do believe that in the times in which we live, if you allow me to mix my metaphors, even a chicken has to cross THAT particular road. Therefore, when I feel I am crossing that road from a good Biblical assumption into the area of Biblical conjecture, I will try and visually indicate this to you in the text. Welcome then to the Conjecture Chicken! Look out for it.


What a wicked web he weaves when first he practiced 2deceive

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