the new separatist bible - for the people


This Bible is written with a view to the Non-Christian. It is, therefore, a ‘Read & Learn’ Bible rather than a study Bible, and this learning is enabled by the use of copious sub-headings, each rightly dividing the Scripture text into meaningful and correctly headed portions. 

In this confluence,  we have decided to render 'LORD' or 'Jehovah,'  I have chosen to use the Holy Name of 'YHVH.'

I hope to have retained some of the majesty of language presented in these ancients translations rooted in the received text and with this confluence of compilation have also retained some of the ‘difference’ that is, the great ‘otherness’ of the Biblical text.

This confluence of the NSB is in British English. 

THIS IS NOT A New Translation

 The New Separatist’s Bible (NSB) is a ‘Confluence Bible,’ and is rooted mainly in the Pure Cambridge Edition of the 1611 King James Authorized Version and shaped by the 1560 Geneva Bibles and 21st century English. It is therefore a confluence of these three great rivers, the Authorized Version, the Geneva Bible and modern English.